Sustainable Production

We need to Stop our Throw Away Culture – 

Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth!! We live in an era of single use objects, things that aren’t made to last, and where people discard of things easily. The time for well crafted products has come, things made to last! Items made with care, love, time and made from natural materials, with all the amazing properties that they have, will make an item last a lifetime.

It’s time for us to step up, we have a duty to our planet, and we must educate ourselves. We cannot expect to pay £2 for a top and there be on repercussions. Unfortunately, there is not enough disclosure in the fashion industry when it comes to where products were made, how they were made and the environmental effects however that does not mean that it can be ignored.

We NEED to buy less. We live in a world where we can have everything and anything, it’s what we expect but it must change. Good things, things that will last take time. I know that I am speaking from a position of somewhat privilege but everyone can make a difference, this is a fight for all of us and little changes make a big difference. Research your local businesses, take an interest in where the items you buy come from and how they are made.

Support Local, Shop Local, Buy Local!!

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