About me

I’m a textile designer and weaver specialising in bold contemporary fabrics, interior and fashion accessories. Born in the heart of Devon in a small rural village, I have continued to work in my small studio on traditional looms, weaving using 100% lambswool. My  geometric patterns and use of colour in my work all reflect my beautiful home surroundings of the Devon Landscape. My affinity with weaving began at Manchester School of Art whilst studying textiles Design, where I instantly fell in love with the craft. I Graduated in 2017 with a First Class Honours. Collaging is a fundamental part of my design process, using cut up pieces of paper, chalks and paints to design my patterns and colour combinations, this is the starting point to all my designs and the loom later acts as both a means of production and a design tool in itself.  Currently my blanket designs are created by complex interchanges created through the use of double cloth weave, whilst my scarves are woven as a single cloth, with a main focus on colour and texture.

I’m  now working towards selling my designs and working on commissions.


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