Oleander Cushions

This cushion is made from two samples taken from my ‘pink’ collection, and is backed with  a subtle pale pink velvet.

This cushion uses samples taken from my spring/summer 2016/17 collection. The spring and the summer are full of colour here in Devon, the hedge rows are alive with vibrant colours, the blossoms on the trees, everything pops! So I wanted to make as vibrant a collection as I could to really grasp all those colours.

My warps for this collection consisted of one very muted pallet and the other holding as many colours as I could put together, I wanted a real contrast between the blocks of colour. 17392730_10210859256051489_74934762_n

I ended up naming it ‘the pink collection’ because, thats right you guessed it… it holds a lot of pink in it!

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